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Analog Clock 12.0

In the era of robotic Mars explorations, humans prefer more human-oriented devices on Earth!

Clock is a very useful feature in our Windows system, since it lets us know the current time and date. Nevertheless, the clock that appears on Windows' taskbar is very tiny and sometimes is difficult to read. This program is an analog version of a clock showing the actual hour... and nothing more. True, it is a lot easier to read than the regular Windows clock, but its black-and-white face is somewhat dull and boring. To make thing worse, you can't customize the program's appearance, program alarms or display more than one single face (that is, you can't see what time it is in another country or time zone). All this makes the cost (ten dollars!) too high, since there are many free programs that perform the same function, but also have other features, like changeable skins, multiple alarms, sounds, languages, and so on. In fact, I would not use this program even if it were free.

The trial version runs fully during 30 days. If you find the program useful and intend to keep using it afterwards, then you need to purchase a license, which I would not recommend.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Easy to read


  • It does not worth its price
  • There are free programs that perform the same functions and more
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